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The Pitter Painter Team

Pitter Painter's creative energy is fuelled by a team of dedicated art educators who foster the inspiring and nurturing atmosphere that characterizes all our classes.

Grace's passion for art began in childhood and intensified when she studied painting as an adult.  Her adventure in art began in earnest when she moved to  Hong Kong in 2001.  Her creative energy overflows from her own art to Pitter Painter. She finds inspiration  from the contagious spontaneity and sparkle of children and thrives on continuously developing creative projects for them.


Annikka enjoyed drawing at a very young age.  Her love of storytelling and art led her to a Bachelor's Degree in Animation from De La Salle University- College of St. Benilde where her animated film thesis won awards in local film festivals.  Her move to Hong Kong marks the next chapter in her creative storytelling journey, inspiring and guiding little artists in telling their own stories through their painting.


Cherry has always expressed her ideas and imagination through the various forms of arts and crafts.  Seeing her ideas come to life gave her the feeling of joy and accomplishment, made more special by friends’ amazement.  Supported by her equally creative family, Cherry embarked on a search for her own artistic platform.   Moving to Hong Kong became a time of discovery and the opportunity to share the world of art through painting with children. She hopes to spread joy, and open doors of imagination in her aspiring little artists.


Katie has a diploma in Advertising Design and is knowledgeable in a variety of of visual medium like watercolor, acrylic paintings and sketching.  She enjoys discovering new materials and techniques and is always looking for her next creative adventure.  She brings this spirit of discovery with her when she teaches, aiming to engage and inspire children to discover their originality while creating art.


Kayla is working on her BEd in Visual Arts Education at the Education University of Hong Kong. Her creative childhood led to developing a passion for films, painting and art history and to aspirations of becoming a full-time arts teacher.  She has always been interested in a variety of mediums and believes in the role of art in giving youth an outlet to freely express themselves and discover their intrinsic abilities.   She teaches with a balance of structure and freedom – having a structured plan while simultaneously giving her  students the space to experiment with paint and infuse their own ideas to their canvases.  


Mesheil's varied interest of arts and crafts, sports and technology give her an immediate common ground with children.  While working in the field of Information Technology, she developed an attention to detail and meticulousness while continuing her cartoon drawings and tutoring.  Mesheil brings this diversity and detail-orientation in her connection with children,  helping them express their ideas and feelings in their art.


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