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Read about one little artist's (and his mom's!)

experience painting with us on Sassy Mama.

The Buzz on Us

Thank you for the recognition.  Our hearts are full.

And what our other little artists and their moms are saying...

It has been about 2 years and this little guy has bloomed into liking painting (or maybe paint his whole face). And I am thankful to Pitter Painter! Thank you for your care and effort for him! He’s probably not the easiest student in your class, I am sure. But you have a fan; he definitely enjoys going to your class.



Thank you for your updates!  I am really impressed by the technique, knowledge and the fun Favian learnt in his painting class and how it transformed into his own picture!  Riding an angry bird balloon to Eiffel Tower! Haha! bravo!  Thanks for your effort.



Amazing job teachers and the entire Pitter Painter staff! It is so special for these budding artists (and their proud families) to see their work displayed professionally! The entire exhibition was well organised and very special. We are so happy to be part of the Pitter Painter Family!



Ally loves her painting class and we are so proud of her work and her progress.



I really loved [the Brighton Beach painting], Grace!  [Talli] carried it home so carefully with arms supported underneath the canvas because she really wanted to protect her work of art!  It came to me looking flawless and beautiful.    This class really brings out the best in her talent and ability to focus.  Thanks for taking care of her so well!



Wonderful! Finlay's painting is lovely. Very proud of him and he really enjoys the classes.  Thank you for all your hard work and to your team!



We dedicated a wall just for Benjamin's artwork from Pitter Painter.  We look forward to seeing his latest paintings, which we will feature in his wall of art for all his friends to see.



My daughter Neytra is absolutely loving this course!  

Thank you so much for sharing the paintings online with us, its lovely to see the works of the children & to finally see the culmination of their work.  

- Veena


This is an excellent class and we are so glad we found out about it!  

I love it, and the paintings are amazing.    

Thank you so much for sharing these photos and for the updates!  

- Mimi


Thank you very much for sharing updates on the little pitter painters in class.  The marvellous photos help me "imagine" how Ian behaved and interacted with teachers and other children.  I can tell how much he enjoyed the class.

I am also thankful for your patience and guidance.  Ian's paintings are lovely and become an outstanding art collection at home!  

- Kinnie


I just want to say thank you for your warm attitude on teaching my son, Brandon. He really likes your class.


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