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Frequently Asked Questions

What kind of paint do you use?

Our signature painting classes (kindy and primary) use mostly acrylic paint on  canvas, with some mixed media occasionally thrown in to keep things fun. 

Drawing and Beyond uses dry media (pencils, markers, pastels,etc.) on paper.

Painter Tots uses non-toxic, washable acrylic paint.

Paint A Pixel uses tablets with pencils.

All materials are included in the course fees.

What’s the difference between Painting and Drawing and Beyond?

Both classes are creative imaginative, and teach drawing, art principles and techniques.   Kindy and Primary painting are our signature classes.  They use primarily acrylic paint on canvas.  Drawing and Beyond uses dry medium like pencils, pastels, and markers on paper. Paint is fluid and fun while dry medium allow more control.

My child is 5.  Should he/she be in Kindy or Primary?

We believe in taking our cue from our little artists.   Playful 5-year olds enjoy the flexibility and ease of Kindy class.  They blossom as they paint in a relaxed manner and grow in confidence.  5-year olds who are ready for more challenge enjoy the greater demands of Primary class and the more complex subjects and techniques.

Will my child take her painting home?

All paintings (and Artapalooza sculptures) from enrolled students are sent home the week after they’re completed.     We normally keep them right after class to let them dry to avoid damaging them. 


Paintings from Paint a Pixel are sent to parents by email within a week after they’re completed.


Paintings from trial classes are NOT eligible for pick-up.   The intent of our trial classes is to provide the experience of class.  Additionally,  we want to preserve the quality of our classes and minimize disruption  from pick ups during class.

My child went to class today  but didn’t have a painting with him/her.  When will she bring her masterpiece home?

Pitter Painter projects run across several lessons.  Our Alla Prima project are completed on the same day, but others take 2-3 lessons to complete.  Drawing and Beyond and Paint a Pixel projects take 2 lessons.  Painter Tots complete one painting in each lesson.   We leave the paintings to dry in class then send them home the next week.

My child is having separation anxiety.  Can I or my helper come to class with her?

Adjusting to a new environment is a different experience for everyone.  On your first class, you’re welcome to come in for a few minutes to reassure your little artist.  Once painting has started, we find that  painting will do its magic and most of them are okay and won’t mind you slipping out. 


Do stay outside the door.  If your little one looks for you, we’ll help him/her to look out the door to reassure him/her that you’re waiting outside.

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