Our Classes

We offer a variety of creative art classes made with your little artist in mind. Our painting and drawing classes are imaginative, age-appropriate and loaded with fun to tickle your children's imaginations and develop their creativity.


Kindy (3-5 years old)

Primary (5-11 years old)

Pitter Painter's signature art class is exemplified by a cozy atmosphere where children get the individual attention they need.  

We take creative projects, inspired by the masters and our little artists’s interests, and turn the clock back a few years to give your little artist a painting class that’s made just for them. Projects are creatively-themed and developmentally- appropriate.  Lessons in art fundamentals are hands-on and disguised as something playful.

All in a nurturing space where kids have fun and personal creativity is applauded.


(18-36 months old)

*accompanied class

Our littlest artists will explore their world, discover their creative kid inside, and have tons of messy fun, with paint as the perfect medium.


Through the tactile experience of painting, children will learn different concepts first hand.   Each art course revolves around a central theme and each week,  we’ll have a different painting toolkit with wide variety of out-of-the-box implements.  

Every class is an opportunity to explore imaginative painting and mark-making techniques to make lines, shapes, colours, textures and more!   And at the end of each lesson, your little artist will have   a finished painting project  that brings together the tools we played.   They’ll learn by doing and grow by creating!

Drawing and Beyond

4-9 years old

Our Drawing and Beyond art class empowers little artists to bring their vision to life by giving them the skills to wield their pencils with confidence and let their imagination take shape. We’ll play doodle games, take on different drawing different subjects each class and, in the process, intuitively learn about composition, lines and form. 

Then we go beyond lines and bring our creations to colorful life as we explore different dry media like pastels, markers, charcoal and more, taking our work from 2D to 3D and making them pop off the page!

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Our free trial offer is open to all who have never painted with us.

Due to limited availability, reservation is required.  

Please fill in the form below to request your trial and we will email you shortly to confirm your spot.  

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To maintain the quality of our class and to ensure that we have materials ready for you, we do not accept walk-in trials.

Our free trials aim to give your little artist to an opportunity to experience our classes first hand.  While we hope they enjoy their time with us, paintings from the  free trial session are not eligible for collection.

Free trials are temporarily suspended during July and August to make way for our summer workshops, but please do send us a request and we'll arrange one for you when our regular courses resume in September.