Our 2021 Exhibit Series

Central MTR

1-30 September

YWCA, Macdonnell Road

10-24 October

Bamboo Grove, Kennedy Road

28 October - 11 November

Aberdeen Marina Club

1-30 November

Exhibits are a great way to celebrate our little artists' creativity and let them grow in confidence.

We can't wait to see the proud smiles on their faces,

the twinkle of confidence in their eyes,

and their masterpieces on the walls!

Joining is Easy!

# 1

If you haven't painted with us before, come join our summer and September courses and make a masterpiece with us.


Let your little artists choose 1-2 of their favorite paintings from class.

# 3

Hand in their favourites to the 3/F Customer Service Counter of the YWCA between 15-30 September.

That’s it!

We'll take care of the rest and see you on Opening Day, Sunday, 10 October.