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Grace's passion for art began in childhood and intensified when she studied painting as an adult.  Her adventure in art began in earnest when she moved to  Hong Kong in 2001.  She has a Certificate in  Foundation Art and Design from Hong Kong University School of Professional and Continuing Education and continues to take painting and life drawing courses, enjoying the creative energy of a shared group experience.  Her creative energy overflows from her own art to Pitter Painter. She finds inspiration  from the contagious spontaneity and sparkle of children and thrives on continuously developing creative projects for them.

Grace Pineda-Camacho


Mariel Santana is a designer and artist based in Hong Kong.  She is a graduate of the Savannah College of Art and Design and has returned to Hong Kong after practicing her art in London. She loves experimenting with spatial relationships and painting techniques. She is enthusiastic to enhance a learning environment where she could impart the creative mindset to children.

Mariel Santana


Andrea moved back to Hong Kong after completing her Bachelor's degree in the United States.  She has been drawing for as long as she can remember.  Some of her first art-related memories are painting jungle scenes and self-portraits in an after-school painting class. It was this environment that solidified her love of art and creativity. Today, she enjoys the same aspects of art as she did back then, and has the opportunity to pay it forward with Pitter Painter.  


Andrea hopes to recreate that nourishing environment that hooked her many years ago, where creativity is emboldened and expression guided. She is both excited and motivated to be working with the unclouded imagination of children.

Andrea Bullen


Jully's roots in the fashion industry infuses her art with an unconventional use of color and combinations and a dynamic energy that she brings to her classes.  After graduating from Central Saint Martins College in the United Kingdom and an extensive career in fashion, Jully is now combining her decades-long passion for art with her passion to inspire, creating a class atmosphere of warmth, lively inquisitiveness and positivity.

Jully Woo

Jully Woo

Mesheil's varied interest of arts and crafts, sports and technology give her an immediate common ground with children.  While working in the field of Information Technology, she developed an attention to detail and meticulousness while continuing her cartoon drawings and tutoring.  Mesheil brings this diversity and detail-orientation in her connection with children,  helping them express their ideas and feelings in their art.

Mesheil Catchillar