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A Celebration of Childhood Creativity

Hong Kong Visual Arts Centre

7A Kennedy Road, Central

27 February - 3 March 2014

IMG_2817 IMG_2874 Pigment Title

Seeing their masterpieces on display was such a positive and confidence-enhancing experience for all our young Pitter Painters!  

Thank you to all Pitter Painters, their parents, siblings and friends who made our exhibit a resounding success.  

What a lovely setting for some wonderful paintings by some talented young artists. Hanne loves the Pitter Painter art classes and was thrilled to see her paintings hanging in gallery!  She has learnt so much about artists, techniques and herself. So thank you to you and your team for enabling her to realise her creative dreams.



I like the exhibition very much because I was not expecting such an high level of painting from the children. I can see that the Pitter Painter teaching is able not only to transmit the joy of painting but also giving knowledge of the different painting techniques. My general impression is of a big joy and colorful environment, really my congratulations. Bravo!



Great job, everyone! And a big thank you to the teachers who put the exhibition together!



Amazing job teachers and the entire Pitter Painter staff! It is so special for these budding artists (and their proud families) to see their work displayed professionally! The entire exhibition was well organised and very special. We are so happy to be part of the Pitter Painter Family!

- Neha